An innovative concept in decorative exterior trim, Redicoat® is an extensive collection of pre-coated foam architectural shapes that are either in stock or have extremely quick production times.
Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets

We stock many thicknesses of EPS, Dow Brand Styrofoam, polyethylene, and polyurethane foam sheets. We also offer SAME DAY cutting of custom thicknesses.
Basecoats - Adhesives

Basecoats – Adhesives

We keep in stock the following basecoat adhesive, and mesh:

DryBond is a high performance, dry blend, polymer-modified cement adhesive and base coat manufactured with high grade aggregates, cement and polymers.

FoamTek 30 is a cement-based polymer-modified base coat manufactured with 30 sand aggregates.

AkroFlex - Reinforcing Mesh is a polypropylene material with adhesive backing.